Clients' Testimonial


Visionaries inspired by excellence, achieverments prompted by distinction and strategy guided by tactics, are just a few qualities anybody could appreciate when dealing with Ibrahim Saleh.

Mohamad Yousef 



The group provided us with multiple services. During the 18-month construction of our facility, the group managed our cost control efficiently & effectively. We knew exactly our cost picture on a weekly basis. Since in operation, they have been doing our books and keeping it very clean with no surprises. Very organized, timely and knowledgeable.

Multi Cultural Center  Operations Director


“Taqtics Consulting is a known quantity to Allegiance Bank, providing highly qualified applications, borrowers and prospects to our organization . We will continue to recommend their services to our small and medium size business owners .”

Jay Farley, Vice President, Allegiance Bank .

Great experience, knowledge and awesome customer service (they respond timely). They helped me grow my business and saved me tons of money!   

 Mohmad Harmouch, Premier Foreign Domestic Cars, LLC.

I needed a loan to start my business, but I wasn't able to get it. A friend suggested TaQtics Group to me. Their friendly staff was very knowledgeable and very clear. They provided all the help I needed:  business plan ,personal financial statements, financial projections... In less than a month, I got approved for the loan! I definitely recommend Taqtics group to any small business trying to grow.    ”​

Oumaya Harmouch, Texas Automobile, LLC.

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