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Our Services

TaQtics Consulting Group focuses its efforts on providing excellent service in just a couple key areas, so that we can specialize and bring our deep-knowledge to bear on your company's most pressing concerns, identifying improvements and solutions to help you build process and structure to sustain gains made.

Our focus is always on value creation, and our company's mission is to Unlock Business Potential for our clients.

We listen first. Understanding where you are coming from, the areas in which you want to improve and any actions you've already taken, is at the core of what we do.  We look to provide custom, fit-for-purpose financial and operational solutions that meet your company's needs.

We believe that business owners who have a solid understanding of their end-to-end operations and access to key insights about the current health of the organization, are better positioned to make informed and tactically sound business decisions to pursue company growth.

Critical to a business owner/leader's success is having a good handle on financial indicators to understand the health of the business and root out any issues impacting its profitability. These indicators can show, at a high level where there may be operational issues.

Understanding end-to-end operations and identifying inefficiencies or opportunities to boost production can have a direct, positive impact on your company's financials.

This is a two-way street where an Operational CFO can help you direct traffic and getting both flows working together in harmony.

In the Oil & Gas Industry, every molecule matters, and it is accuracy in measurement that provides you with the assurance that each is accounted for properly. How certain are you that your company's best interests are being looked after?

From the contract itself, through qualitative and quantitative analysis, reliability and uptime, to the exchange of funds for the materials themselves, there are many angles to consider.

Our experts bring with them decades of experience in this key area of value and risk. Let us help guard your bottom line.

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