Interested in understanding how we've assisted our clients? Here are a few examples of our work:
Financial Control

Our client was struggling to understand their true business performance. Revenues were being recorded, and expenses were paid, but overall profitability was not meeting expectations.

We started with review of bookkeeping process and expanded to cost analysis. Issues with accounts receivable collections were quickly identified. After developing and implementing a tracking methodology for our client, they were able to reduce AR aging to  just 3%, which resulted in a reduction in the cost of capital and increase in profitability.

Business Plannig

Business Planning is a fundamental tool every business should have. One of its primary uses is to establish a roadmap for future growth and attract investors or funding from a bank. Investors need to understand the nature of the business, be assured of the soundness of the strategy, and have confidence of a solid return.


Our client was looking to expand their business and attract new investors, but did not yet have a solid business plan. Our team walked the client through the business plan process, educating them along the way. Each section was built purposefully with the necessary data and tools to instill confidence in the plan. We were able to demonstrate a strong financial projection backed up by solid strategy and thorough operations.

Capital Growth

Our client was looking to expand her business. She applied for a business credit line, but the bank denied it as the business financials didn't show the required financial strength.

Our team looked deeper into the balance sheet and identified a few areas of improvement. Within 18 months, the balance sheet showed the true and strong financial position of the company; and the client was able to secure the required Capital. 

Operational Excellence

Everyday decisions have an impact on the bottom line. Do you track the proper key performance indicators to assess the impact of your decisions?

Our client needed a weekly dashboard to assess operational and financial performance. Our team took the time to map out processes, develop operational and financial indicators and create tracking tools to feed into the weekly dashboard. This weekly dashboard became central to the business leaders' decision making.