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Our team of professional experts has extensive expertise to support your growth. Whether you are looking for Financial Management, Cost Control, Capital Structure, or Project Management, our experts' hands-on experience and deep knowledge will provide you with the right solutions.  

Fractional CFO

Professional Profile:

Ibrahim is an intuitive “Operational CFO" with a laser focus on results delivery. An entrepreneur at heart, he knows what it takes to build a business from the ground up, navigate through difficult times and achieve success. In the public sector, Ibrahim built a career around effectively leading both operations and finance teams to exceed business targets. He offers deep expertise built on a solid and diverse foundation of experience to bring unique value to his clients. 


Areas of Expertise:

- Financial & Capital Management 
- Business Planning and Strategy
- Risk Management 
- Acquisition/Divestment
Professional Experience:
TaQtics Consulting Group 2019 - Present

Auto Group Managing Partner 2015-2018

Royal Dutch Shell from 1999 to 2015 


Ibrahim Saleh

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Jason Beever

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Principal Consultant

Professional Profile:

With over 25 years experience in multiple industries in both public and private companies, Jason is able to offer broad insights into your business operations. His background in both finance as well as operational roles allows him to see through the day-to-day and uncover trends that are impacting the bottom line. He is a visionary who is able to develop actionable plans and deliver them through your organization so that you see the positive impact on business results.

Areas of Expertise:

- Project Management 
- Process Improvement 
- Operational Excellence  
- O/G Measurement Loss Control  

Professional Experience:

TaQtics Consulting Group  2020 - Present

Royal Dutch Shell 2001-2020

IFCO Systems 1999 to 2001 

Coleman Aerpospace 1997-1999

Lockheed Martin 1995-1997

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