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Accurate Measurement Is Critical To Protect Your Cash Register.

If you operate a business that trades in hydrocarbon materials, then you understand that small percentages can mean big dollars, especially if these are compounded across parcels, modes of transportation, or even multiple locations.

Having someone in your corner who knows what to look for and help hold other parties to your contract accountable, goes a long way towards providing the assurance that you are limiting your company's exposure and getting the best value for each transaction be it a purchase or a sale.

Opererational CFO Top Anchor

What Focus Areas Do We Support?


Technological measurement solutions are best, but if these are not already in place then  significant investment is often necessary.  Instead, manual processes are put in place to facilitate custody transfer of materials.

These processes are highly subjective and susceptible to error, but an oversight program can mitigate much of this risk and help ensure accuracy. 

Loss Control

Ideally, a petrochemical site would like to have zero loss. This is not always possible as businesses experience processing loss, flaring, releases to atmosphere, spills, and yes even theft.

Having mechanisms in place to identify what types of losses have occurred and where is the first step in being able to make decisions to limit that loss. 

       Mass Balance

Facilities should know that every pound of materials coming into the fenceline is accounted for going out, otherwise you are losing value.

Having a quality and frequent mass balance process in place provides oversight in order to identify errors in a timely manner and put in place mitigations to limit value leakage in the near term and prevent these errors from repeating in the longer term.

What Kinds of Operations Do We Cover?

Our Clients Include:

  • Refineries

  • Chemical Plants

  • Distribution Terminals

  • Tank Farms

  • Onsite and 3rd Party QA Labs

Modes of Transportation:

  • Marine

  • Pipeline

  • Truck

  • Rail

How Do We Conduct Our Work?

While every client has different needs and we will custom-fit our process to meet your needs, our overall execution takes the following, simple approach:

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